Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Great Barrier Reef

Are you seen enough of this world? Lets discover the under water life. The Great barrier reef is the ultimate place to explore the water world. With SCUBA diving you almost become the water creature and just interfere with diverse species beneath but first take your SCUBA classes at the reef.

Dive (27)
Scuba Adventure By Nick Hewson (


The playground is all set for the scuba diving at the great barrier reef. All you need is to dive in but hold on you must know the safety rules. Usually barrier reef is calm water find out the moderate depth and offcourse with diverse sea species else you could only find your school buddy. So get your SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) first , wear it check it and try some low depth dive to just get familiar with. If you are a sinus or any other kind of patient that affects from atmospheric pressure should avoid SCUBA (as there are more easy ways of committing suicide). It is better to take your SCUBA diving training or classes first.


If you feel its better to stay out, you can still snorkel around and have the compromised experience of this adventurous journey.

You don’t have to snorkel only but you have to snorkel fearlessly. All your fears which are related to you or the sea creatures must first be burried. Don’t think of JELLY FISH at all you will get the shock even by thinking of them. Long breath hold, a mask, right snorkel and big flippers are a good start. You can even dive in with all these stuffs.

Don’t get anxious about breathing through snorkel with your mask on, obviously it is for breathing not to disturb it. Again go out into the shallow water first check all is working fine. Get accustomed with your snorkelling by putting your face down watching through the mask and breathing via snorkel. What if your snorkel tube is bunged with water? Quite scary.. try to push the wate out by strong push through your mouth. Try to get snorkel with built in drainage valves which keeps it ease to push out the water. Try less swim more float means more adventure more fun less fatigue.

SNORKEL By Jlhopgood (


What? Still thinking of the nightmare.... then get into the glass boat where you can see the life behind the glass....I feel sorry for you as the boat option is the last choice.

Glass bottom boat view By Gwydion M Williams (


Okey fine you still have the helicopter tour option just go for it and have eagle view of the Great Barrier Reef. So what you decided? Want to read more?  Huhh!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Great China Wall

Guys are you ready to ride the DRAGON....? There you go..

The great wall of China is a must explore place. It is historical, it is immense and it is rebuilt. You can find different sites to view some of them are in their original structure while others are rebuilt and renovated. The Whole wall is about 6,400 Km long. You can explore it either by walking or having cabin car experience. Belive me walking will be the dragon's ride as the wall span like a dragon.


 80km north of Beijing, Mutianyu is a wonderful site with its structural originality. Upon arrival, one can get to the wall either by cable car or chair lift. From chair lift terminal you can walk further and would find forest covering the wall and some damaged area of the wall but all these make the scene. However, it is not a simple walk it soaks up many of your energy so to make it smooth proper breathers for small periods are recommended.

Back to the chair lift terminal, get Toboggan to ride down. There you will be surrounded by many sellers selling you souvenirs at quite expensive cost.

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu
Mutianyu China Wall By orangeandmilk (


About 110Km northeast of Beijing, Simatai is located. It is all covered with mountains around it. Walking through Simatai is just like walking through the mountain. It would take around 3 hours via bus from Beijing to Simatai. It is the sheer structure in its original form. Hill covered with beautiful scenes. The pathway is steep which says your adventure is climbing. Feel like hiker now and explore the beauty, its worth to hike anyways. After visiting Simatai you must take good rest for your next destination.

Simatai By Grant Hollingworth (


Huanghuacheng is less developed than other sections of the wall but still catches the visitors' attention. Some of the starting wall is reconstructed and as you move up it will be the original structure. Jintang a nearby lake also adds beauty to the scene. About half a century ago, parts of the Huanghuacheng wall were destructed and fell into the Jintang lake due to Japanese invasion.

It encompasses sir forts, six passes, twelve beacon towers and thirty two guard towers. Hope you could find many of these in your journey. Some are still preserved while others are not. A castle named Yaoziyu built during the Ming era is still well preserved. So enjoy the ride I am sure you would love the ending.

Huanghuacheng Wall By drnan tu

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dubai Vacations

Dubai means holidays and if it is your head first to dubai then go for big bus tour. The guide will briefly give the intro of the places that you pass by.

Big Bus Tour

Get your big bus pass for the city tour. The wharf, modern coastal area and the gold souk are the few highlights. Palm area, Dubai Mall, Sheikh saeed al maktoum house (a national monument), Dubai Museum, and the old Dubai must catch your attention.

The world's biggest gold clock is positioned in the gold souk. It is a crowded tourist place. Dubai Mall's big aquarium is the attraction for everyone.

Beach from Burj al Arab
Beach from Burj al Arab By Liz Lawley (

The great 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab is the great attraction for the visitors. It would not be wrong if one says that it encloses a small world inside it.

Burj Al-Arab hotel
Burj Al Arab By David Lisbona (

Dune Bashing safari

"Dune bashing" the other name of desert safari. You can enjoy it on a 4x4 jeep or have motor bike fun. 

Dune bashing, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Dune Bashing By Jan Smith (

As you reach about a sand hill you will get yourself
flying that is dune bashing.

Rocky Adventure

Get your shoes tied because it's time to rock up your holidays. The Grand Canyon huge masterpiece is waiting for you. The ultimate choice is yours whether to see a part of the canyon or you can have the heli tour to watch the whole canyon with hawk eye view.

Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon By Tony Kent (

Schedule flights leaves every day from the grand canyon to the Tusayan border. The heli tour is about an hour journey so don't even blink your eyes else you would miss the moment.

Grand Canyon South rim, Mather Point
Top View of Grand Canyon By Fovea Centralis (

In Canyon's history, eight different American tribes were populated there. With the addition of Natural park, the Canyon really shaped into a double deal for the tourists. You would find great panoramas and landscapes at every inch of the tour. The course of sun will present the view in unique way. So keep tracking the direction of sunlight for the views. Verkamp a historical shop displaying the native American arts should also be in your visiting list.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Borneo Adventures

You are landed in the middle of an isolated jungle by a twin engine and you suddenly find your self in the middle of nowhere. It does not end here in fact it is where to start from. At pinnacle stone forest jutting 45 meters with sharp razor formation is there to climb. On your adventure, you have to cross two rivers but remember in all activities safety should be the priority.

Pinnacles at Mulu, Gunung Mulu National Park, Borneo
Borneo pinnacle stone forest By Paul White (

We are exactly in Malaysia actually Malaysian Borneo.

Gunung Mulu

Gunung Mulu is a National park and the freaking fact its in the middle of jungle. Hang on you need a plane to reach there or a truck ride the least. Time to unleash the trek to the pinnacle. Take your food, no no not the lunch I am talking about meal for three days, your boat, and hiking stuff. From park HQ to the Kuala Berar via boat will take two to three hours depending on the condition of river water. Then only 8 km hiking will take you to the camp 5 situated at the base of pinnacle. Great now you need some brake. At camp 5 there is a kitchen, proper shelter, bathrooms, take nice shower, and a common sleeping place for maximum of 50 people.

From the camp you can trek up to pinnacle at gunung api. Pinnacle is forest of fine and sharp limestone. Some of them are as high as 45m rising above the trees. The trail leaving Melinau Gorge at the camp 5 is a steep climb and takes around four to five hours to reach the pinnacle approximately 1200m. No water in this 1200m so keep this in mind and if you cannot make it, it is advised to come back to the camp 5.

Clearwater Cave

Discovered in 1978-88 in a result of expeditions. At the mouth of cave, single leaf plants grow on the limestone in sunlight. On cave walls, photokarsts, sharp tiny rock needles. Clearwater can be reached by longboat from the park HQ in 30 minutes.

Deer Cave

It has the world's biggest cave mouth about 2.2km long and 220m high. It was deer hunting place as the deers attracted to the salty water pools. However, now the bats are there to welcome you. You can be a witness of bat style stunning kill. These bats can make 80km dash for the meal.

garden of eden
Deer Cave By Richard P J Lambert (

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel to Singapore for holidays

Singapore.. yes the place of diverse culture and true holidays. Many people around the world are settled in Singapore and adds their flavor to the pie. Singapore zoo with night safari is like ice lolly under the sun.

Singapore Zoo

A variety of animals like white Rhinoceros, white Tiger, African hunting dog and many others with separate reptile block which keep on crawling all day long. Beside this food is also great. Rides for kids and night safari for all. The zoo is divided into 8 geographical blocks so get your ticket to wild night safari to see the wild but cute animals around you. So no second thought just go for it.

There are about 332 species of animals (yes you are right its 333 as you are the addition) and keep increasing. You will have the joy of seeing the rare animals like golden lion tamarin and some endanger ones also like clouded leopard and sumatran tiger. There are animals show throughout the day making good awareness and making sure to preserve the zoological treasure.

Night Safari

Night safari taking you through to the 110 species of animals, giving you the feel of jungle journey. It will be truly exciting for all age people. The whole covered area is 40 hectare. The species comprises of Indo-Malaysian animals. Now you must be itching to experience all this live if not then read this article again.