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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Turkey, partly in Western Asia and partly in Southeastern Europe. The domes and minarets are Turkey's identity but that not all it offers. The Marmara sea, the Black sea, Antolia costs, the Istanbul's skylines all represent the diversity and attraction.

The sea of marmara is infact the extension of the Mediterranean Sea, separating Asian Turkey and the European Turkey or is the same for seperating the two continents. The Marmara sea connects Aegean sea by Dardanelles strait, and to the Black sea by the Bosporus strait. Hmm are you dizzled? Ok lets have a picture map of this mystry.

Ok then lets move on from Geography class. So friends what you figured out from the above map? The one that's interesting? Don't be dull...did you find the Istanbul? Ok you did, then what's interesting about it? Yeh it's written twice. You guys are really up and running. It's half in Europe and half in Asia...oh really you found that.

Istanbul is the heart of the modern Turkey. Here West meets the East. It has the domes, minarets and the mosques and the dominated places of skyline. Istanbul's famous blue mosque, what architecture and calligraphy simply the masterpiece.

Blue Mosque from Hagia Sophia
Blue Mosque from Hagia Sophia By echiner1 (
Blue Mosque Arcades
Blue Mosque Inside By Benh LIEU SONG (

Heard about Istanbul's spice market...yes the real spices not the girls. Come on its still interesting to know about that market. You will find it at the base of galata bridge just at the walking distance from major points like Blue mosque, Hugia Sofia and the Grand bazar.

In the Spice Bazaar
Spice market By ccarlstead (

You will not only meet the obvious spices only, in addition there are fortune telling bunnies, a good span of pills and potions which assured to have longer hair good skin and obviously the more attraction. Dry fruits are also to be offered by this market with sinfully great taste and price. It is a little spice market but with big culture that will spice up your tour.

Did I miss the Grand Bazar? Then step into it. Almost with 60 streets and 5000 shops, the grand bazar is among the biggest markets in the world. The number of visitor is simple to calculate with this formula.

No. of Visitors = No. of shops X No. of streets

On average there are about 300,000 to 400,000 visitors a day and why is it so? There you go, it is well known for its jewellery (I guess thieves attracted more than visitors), carpets, embroidery, ceramic, leather, antiques, souvinirs, glass mosaic lighting, tea sets and the list just goes on and on.

Grand Bazar
Shop at Grand Bazar By dieter_titz (
Grand bazar street By Ricardo Tulio Gandelman (

Finally the food section...hehe...the list.
1) Iskembe
2) Kebab
3) Meze
4) Kofte
5) Hamsi
6) Hunkar Begendi
7) Tavuk Gogsu (dessert)
8) Insidious kunefe (dessert)
9) Kumpir (dessert)

Thats it from my side. Hope you enjoyed the post and don't forget to comment. Keep guessing the next guide. Take care everywhere.