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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today's destination is Berlin, Germany. Pick up your camera and take out your map and get set Berlin.
It is estimated that around 80% of the Berlin was destroyed during the Second World War. Today, Berlin is enthralling modern city and offers vast array of interesting places from the remains of the Berlin Wall to the eminent Brandenburg Gate. You might need a planner tool to plan out your trip to historic places.

The Berlin Wall

The defeated Germany was divided into 4 parts: an American, British, French and Soviet occupied zone. Berlin was also divided into 4 sectors. To occupy the whole city, Soviet started a blockade of the US, British and French sectors, the plan failed though. The eastern and western Germany was easily accessible for the Germans. However, the west Germany attracted many east Germans and to stop them from fleeng away, east Germany decided to build the border fence.

Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall By Antony Zacharias (

87 mile long concrete fence between East and West Berlin, The Berlin Wall. An incarnation of the purported ‘Iron Curtain’ between eastern and western Europe. It was originally a barbed wire fence erected within 24 hours on August 13, 1961, a more stout and solid wall built on August 15, 1961.

The Berlin wall was of great controversy throughout its existence. The fall of the Berlin wall finally arose on November 9, 1989 and the wall was just about entirely dismentled. Some east gallery side sections still animate.

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate built between 1788 and 1791 which once served as a city gateway. Today’s Brandenburg is just for name only. No more passage for vehicles in fact it is pedestrian’s concern only.

Brandenburg Gate by Night
Brandenburg Gate By Stacey Cavanagh (

With all the ideological disputes in the past, the Brandenburg is a symbol of peace and unity.

Altes Museum

Altes Museum has been built in Ancient Greece inspired style. It was built between 1823 and 1830.
It showcases many Greek and Roman art sculptures, the art of Etruscan. Portraits of Caesar and Cleopatra, fresco and mosaics portraits exhibit Roman series.

Altes Museum (Berlin)
Altes Museum By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (

The Neues Museum is getting more of the attraction than the Altes but it is still worth to visit. Trojan antiquities and prehistoric skull are the limelight of the Neues museum.

Berlin Olympic Stadium

The Olympic stadium was built for 1936 Olympics. Even though the stadium was partly destroyed in World War II (WWII), the original architecture is still preserved. The renovated stadium features a transparent oval roof. 


Olympic Stadium, Berlin
Berlin Olympic Stadium By Matthew Powell (

Apart from sports, concerts and other culture events are held in the stadium. The visitor center will be a right starting point to explore the historical information about the stadium.

Museum Of Technology Berlin

In 1982 museum of transport and technology of berlin was developed. It has an exhibition area of around 50,000 square meters and is among the world’s largest technical museum.

River barge
River barge at Berlin Technology Museum By Jerzy Kociatkiewicz (

A nice collections of train engines, cars and aircraft which give you an idea of German technology and transportation revolution.

Berlin - Class 01 Locomotive
Steam Locomotive at Museum of Technology By Roger Wollstadt (

You can also have the pleasure of watching windmills, a smithy and a water mill.


View Berlin 360? Panoramapunkt in Kollhoff tower is to the rescue. For little charges you will be able to go to the top through the fastest lift. The information at the observation deck outline all the story of the surrounded area and landmarks.