Monday, April 8, 2013

MEXICO: The Mini World

Hey you the travel bug, you might have explored all the pyramids, the deserts, the jungles, the landscapes but you should not escape the Mexico, so let’s go. Mexico is the right place to travel during summer. ‘MEXICO’ taken from the word Mexica, the tribe that lived in the central region of the country. Mexico is the largest Hispanic language country. Mexico is generally covered with mountains. Leaving all the risks and safety measures behind, I am getting into the tourist dissection of the city. Forget the mountains because there is a lot to visit. It houses small world in it, keep the sentence memorized.


About 27 miles in the South of Mexico city center, Venice is located. Puzzled, Venice in Mexico? Then Mexico must be in Italy. Amigos it’s actually Xochimilco a Venice like place. It is claimed to have last few remaining canals of Lake Texcoco. Well decorated colorful boats and the floating vendors are the ingredients of the place.

Xochimilco By jrsnchzhrs (

Boats are shared among a dozen person, but if you want to rent the whole of the board, there is no stopping just pay for it. Have pleased of Mariachi the old traditional folk music. If you want to have the festivity then you should visit the place on weekends. Buy some food or flowers or may be some souvenirs from the floating vendors or just take their picture which could be served as souvenir.


Been to Egypt ever is kind of same if I ask been to Teotihuacan ever? Teotihuacan is located about 25 miles from the Mexico City. It is an archeological site with 5 entry points. You can hire a car for the site tour which will well serve to take entry from different or all the 5 entrances and also to investigate the surrounding areas. The world’s third largest pyramid; pyramid of the sun is in the Teotihuacan. It stands 66 m in height. To get the great view of Teotihuacan you got to climb on this pyramid.
Pyramid of the Sun
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Apart from pyramids, there are temples, residential compounds and courtyards. Some of the highlighted are Palace of Jaguars, Palace of Quetza Butterfly, pyramid of the moon and Tepantitla. So sharpen you archeology sense and try to find out some untold facts about the place.


Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco state. It is the home of well know Mexican traditions like mariachi and charros (Mexican cowboy). The city is full of museums, theaters and shopping malls. Some of the main attractions are Teatro Degollado is an old theater, zoologico Guadalajara (zoo), Expo Guadalajara major events showcased here, Estadio Omnilife (the stadium) and the Centro cultural. You will find many beaches out there in Mexico along with the historic ruins and museums.

Teatro Degollado
Teatro Degollado By Aaron (