Friday, October 22, 2010

Borneo Adventures

You are landed in the middle of an isolated jungle by a twin engine and you suddenly find your self in the middle of nowhere. It does not end here in fact it is where to start from. At pinnacle stone forest jutting 45 meters with sharp razor formation is there to climb. On your adventure, you have to cross two rivers but remember in all activities safety should be the priority.

Pinnacles at Mulu, Gunung Mulu National Park, Borneo
Borneo pinnacle stone forest By Paul White (

We are exactly in Malaysia actually Malaysian Borneo.

Gunung Mulu

Gunung Mulu is a National park and the freaking fact its in the middle of jungle. Hang on you need a plane to reach there or a truck ride the least. Time to unleash the trek to the pinnacle. Take your food, no no not the lunch I am talking about meal for three days, your boat, and hiking stuff. From park HQ to the Kuala Berar via boat will take two to three hours depending on the condition of river water. Then only 8 km hiking will take you to the camp 5 situated at the base of pinnacle. Great now you need some brake. At camp 5 there is a kitchen, proper shelter, bathrooms, take nice shower, and a common sleeping place for maximum of 50 people.

From the camp you can trek up to pinnacle at gunung api. Pinnacle is forest of fine and sharp limestone. Some of them are as high as 45m rising above the trees. The trail leaving Melinau Gorge at the camp 5 is a steep climb and takes around four to five hours to reach the pinnacle approximately 1200m. No water in this 1200m so keep this in mind and if you cannot make it, it is advised to come back to the camp 5.

Clearwater Cave

Discovered in 1978-88 in a result of expeditions. At the mouth of cave, single leaf plants grow on the limestone in sunlight. On cave walls, photokarsts, sharp tiny rock needles. Clearwater can be reached by longboat from the park HQ in 30 minutes.

Deer Cave

It has the world's biggest cave mouth about 2.2km long and 220m high. It was deer hunting place as the deers attracted to the salty water pools. However, now the bats are there to welcome you. You can be a witness of bat style stunning kill. These bats can make 80km dash for the meal.

garden of eden
Deer Cave By Richard P J Lambert (

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