Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rocky Adventure

Get your shoes tied because it's time to rock up your holidays. The Grand Canyon huge masterpiece is waiting for you. The ultimate choice is yours whether to see a part of the canyon or you can have the heli tour to watch the whole canyon with hawk eye view.

Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon By Tony Kent (

Schedule flights leaves every day from the grand canyon to the Tusayan border. The heli tour is about an hour journey so don't even blink your eyes else you would miss the moment.

Grand Canyon South rim, Mather Point
Top View of Grand Canyon By Fovea Centralis (

In Canyon's history, eight different American tribes were populated there. With the addition of Natural park, the Canyon really shaped into a double deal for the tourists. You would find great panoramas and landscapes at every inch of the tour. The course of sun will present the view in unique way. So keep tracking the direction of sunlight for the views. Verkamp a historical shop displaying the native American arts should also be in your visiting list.

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