Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dubai Vacations

Dubai means holidays and if it is your head first to dubai then go for big bus tour. The guide will briefly give the intro of the places that you pass by.

Big Bus Tour

Get your big bus pass for the city tour. The wharf, modern coastal area and the gold souk are the few highlights. Palm area, Dubai Mall, Sheikh saeed al maktoum house (a national monument), Dubai Museum, and the old Dubai must catch your attention.

The world's biggest gold clock is positioned in the gold souk. It is a crowded tourist place. Dubai Mall's big aquarium is the attraction for everyone.

Beach from Burj al Arab
Beach from Burj al Arab By Liz Lawley (

The great 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab is the great attraction for the visitors. It would not be wrong if one says that it encloses a small world inside it.

Burj Al-Arab hotel
Burj Al Arab By David Lisbona (

Dune Bashing safari

"Dune bashing" the other name of desert safari. You can enjoy it on a 4x4 jeep or have motor bike fun. 

Dune bashing, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Dune Bashing By Jan Smith (

As you reach about a sand hill you will get yourself
flying that is dune bashing.

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