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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Most Visited Countries

If you are wondering either ITALY have greater visitors per year than United Kingdom or is that Mexico attract more visitors than the latter ones?

Well here are the stats....

By population, MEXICO is 11th in the world. It receives 21.4 M visitors per year...hmm... But hang on have you heard about TURKEY? About 22.2 M visitors per year visit the TURKEY. Yep about 1 M  more than MEXICO. Interestingly the number of visitors per year for GERMANY is also close to that of TURKEY and MEXICO its about 24.4 M.

So where the people are visiting more...? Any guess? ANY??? What? UNITED KINGDOM?? Hmm good one but not the right one. 30.6 M people are visiting United Kingdom per year...LONDON EYE. ITALY registers 43.6 M tourists per year....hmm PIZZA is getting famous I guess.

Where is CHINA...? Its almost everywhere. Tourists per year visiting CHINA is 57.4 M. Yes CHINA is beating above all mentioned in terms of visitors....It was china's last year, 2012 is it? USA caters 55.9 M visitors a year. Spain messes it all with 59.1 M visitors and taking the second place among the most visited countries in the world!

Who's Number 1 in the list....fragrance and fashion means FRANCE. It got 81.9 M visitors per year. All attendance in fashion shows, C├ęsar awards and just FRANCE ranking it at first place.