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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel to Singapore for holidays

Singapore.. yes the place of diverse culture and true holidays. Many people around the world are settled in Singapore and adds their flavor to the pie. Singapore zoo with night safari is like ice lolly under the sun.

Singapore Zoo

A variety of animals like white Rhinoceros, white Tiger, African hunting dog and many others with separate reptile block which keep on crawling all day long. Beside this food is also great. Rides for kids and night safari for all. The zoo is divided into 8 geographical blocks so get your ticket to wild night safari to see the wild but cute animals around you. So no second thought just go for it.

There are about 332 species of animals (yes you are right its 333 as you are the addition) and keep increasing. You will have the joy of seeing the rare animals like golden lion tamarin and some endanger ones also like clouded leopard and sumatran tiger. There are animals show throughout the day making good awareness and making sure to preserve the zoological treasure.

Night Safari

Night safari taking you through to the 110 species of animals, giving you the feel of jungle journey. It will be truly exciting for all age people. The whole covered area is 40 hectare. The species comprises of Indo-Malaysian animals. Now you must be itching to experience all this live if not then read this article again.